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What is LinkedIn Optimisation?
BySophie Gosman
What is LinkedIn Optimisation?

A Tell-All Guide to All Things Optimisation

Being able to effectively manage your LinkedIn ad campaigns is very important. However, in order to elevate your results to the next level and truly maximise your investment – you need to go a step further. You need to be able to optimise. 

In this handy LinkedIn Optimisation guide, we run through what LinkedIn ads are and the key benefits of them, before drilling down into LinkedIn optimisation, why it’s pivotal to campaign success and how to approach it with finesse. Alright – that’s enough preamble, let’s dive straight into it.

What is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most well-known professional networking platform. It is one of the main places people go online to job hunt, as well as form and strengthen professional connections and source professional, job-related events, insights and resources. 

It also doubles as an advertising platform. Recruiters and organisations flock to it to advertise job vacancies and companies also use it to build brand awareness, generate leads, share thought leadership, build relationships and promote products and services.

You can access LinkedIn on mobile or desktop across multiple search websites.

The benefits of LinkedIn Ads 

Granular targeting 

The list of LinkedIn Ads benefits is long. One of the most attractive is the amazing targeting capabilities it possesses. Through LinkedIn, you can target people right down to job title, industry, seniority and company size. Whether you’re wanting to connect with nonprofit CEOs, marketing managers or mid-level software engineers – you’re able to reach them through LinkedIn Ads. This granularity allows you to get in front of exactly the right people, maximising your conversion potential and your ad spend. This is one big benefit!

Work mindset 

Another key benefit of the platform is that LinkedIn gives you access to millions of prospects who are already in the mindset of work and professional development. So they’re already in prime condition to be marketed to with job-related content once logged on. Rather than when they’re simply scrolling their news feed for the latest cat video, a pop culture podcast group or checking up on a friend’s overseas travel pictures.

LinkedIn Vs Facebook 

These are just a couple of the many benefits LinkedIn boasts, particularly in the B2B advertising space. For more benefits and information about the value of LinkedIn Ads, check out our recent article on Comparing LinkedIn Ads to Facebook Ads. It’s even more helpful to see when in contrast to another popular social ad platform.

What is LinkedIn Ads optimisation? 

Now that we’ve covered what LinkedIn ads are, and the key benefits, it’s time to move on to today’s meaty topic: optimisation. So, what exactly is LinkedIn optimisation? Basically, it’s a catch-all term to describe the many tweaks and changes that are made with the intention of ensuring your LinkedIn ads are running at an optimal rate for max returns. 

Usually, this process involves analysing campaign data for any significant variances in performance. This might look like a big drop in CPL, a notable increase in frequency or a particular ad performing vastly better than another. Once the change is identified, there needs to be a weighing up of significance. Ask yourself: is it just an anomaly or a trend? After which it’s time to consider the multiple variables that could have caused it. Finally, it’s a case of making data-backed choices to address it. 

This could mean doubling down on something that is working (i.e. if you see CPA has significantly improved for one campaign and trying it for another) or attempting to fix something that isn’t working (i.e. a significant drop in CPL). It’s important to recognise here that optimisations are not always made in the case that something is performing poorly. In fact, some of the best ones come off the back of observing something that is working well.

The number of actions that could be classified as “optimisation” are truly endless, and there is no one-size fits all optimisation approach to any given scenario. It’s usually a case of trying different things and seeing what works for your specific use case.

How to Optimise LinkedIn ads 

While there is no one, single way of optimising a LinkedIn ad campaign, and every situation can be vastly different, there are some optimisation fundamentals that you should try to be across. 

For a full description of how to optimise your LinkedIn Ads campaigns for the best results, please check out our recent article on “How to Optimise LinkedIn Ads.” In it, you’ll find everything you need to smash your LinkedIn Ads targets. Without fail.

Why is LinkedIn Ads optimisation important? 

So now you know what optimisation is, you might be thinking – why is it so important on LinkedIn? This one is easy. While you may be able to get decent results off the bat by simply setting up a well-built campaign without vigilant check-ins and a series of tactical tweaks, you’re unlikely to see lasting returns. 

Plus, you’ll likely never hit the ceiling of what you are capable of achieving with your budget. You’re limiting yourself. So while you might be able to scramble together okay results without optimising – why would you want to? LinkedIn Ads optimisation allows you to maximise every cent.

What is an optimisation manager?

An optimisation manager is a specific role for specialists in optimising campaigns, typically only required at bigger agencies or organisations. Sometimes this role can be specific to channels e.g. LinkedIn Ads or Google Ads and other times, it’s more generalised. If you were wanting extra help maintaining your LinkedIn ads campaigns, hiring an optimisation manager might be a clever choice for you to explore. 

Want someone to take on the optimisation burden? 

If you’re looking for a more technical solution, we’ve designed a tool that will be right up your alley. Curious? It’s essentially an online platform that can help you manage and optimise your LinkedIn ads campaigns. Instead of constantly monitoring your campaigns for trends, and making changes accordingly, Campainless does the hard work for you. It’s programmed to scan your data for patterns of statistical significance, issue an alert and then allow you to make informed decisions off the back of it. 

Interested in giving it a test drive? Register for early access to the Beta platform and you can see exactly what happens to productivity levels when you do. 

Register for Early Access

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