LinkedIn Text Ads: Still Relevant?

As we’ve discussed, there’s a sea of different types of LinkedIn ads. All with different advantages and disadvantages. As a result, selecting a particular ad type for your LinkedIn campaign is an important decision that needs to be made in a calculated, strategic way. Particularly if you’re working with a stretched-to-snapping budget. In the context […]

Linkedin Ads Metrics You Need to Pay Attention to

We’ve pulled together the key LinkedIn metrics you should be paying attention to. And broken them out by the most common campaign types and objectives, so you can easily be on top of the right numbers for any campaign you run. This will also help you get the most out of your budget. Lap these up and commit them to memory!

The Key Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing: Shared

In this value-packed article, we dive into the many benefits of LinkedIn marketing for B2B businesses. And we gift you all the reasons you need to justify an investment (or increased investment) in this unique advertising channel. We promise you there’s no shortage of reasons!