LinkedIn Ad Optimization Can Be Painless

Trying to get your ads to “pull their weight” on LinkedIn? Campainless is THE tool to manage and optimise your LinkedIn ads campaigns.

Automate routine tasks, ensure your ads conform to best practice, and get powerful AI-generated optimisation recommendations, and generate leads without the guesswork.

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Everything you need to optimize LinkedIn advertising campaigns

Campainless monitors your LinkedIn ad accounts 24/7 for statistically significant patterns.

When something important comes up, you’ll get real-time insights, backed up by real data. Campainless also includes tools to help you manage accounts, monitor performance, browse segments, track ad spend, ad budget, and monitor campaigns with real-time alerts.

Test Ad Creatives and Lead Gen Forms

Optimize your LinkedIn ads, allocate ad spend to high performing ads using smart statistical analysis based on Click Through Rate and Conversions. Be alerted to ad fatigue.

Optimize Your Bidding Strategy

Reduce wasted ad budget, increase spend on high performing segments. Ensure your LinkedIn ads cost reflect performance. Be alerted to rising CPL, and adjust your bids before you deplete your budget.

Analyze Your Ad Targeting and Audience Demographics

Mine, AB test, multiple ads, analyze your demographic performance, including job titles, to uncover segment opportunities. You don’t have to go digging for insights – Campainless alerts you anytime your segments underperform.

LinkedIn Ad Scheduler

Schedule campaigns or ads to run at certain time of day or day of the week. Be alerted to better performing times or days.

Optimize ad campaigns with data-driven insights.

Stay up to date with improvements based on your conversion data and performance targets. Push improvements live to LinkedIn in one click.

Monitor and diagnose LinkedIn campaigns accurately. In real time.

View all key performance metrics in one location. Get additional metrics not available in LinkedIn (including CPL of demographic or geographic segments, and time of day and day of week performance).

Best-Practice Campaign Setup

Campainless provides tips and tricks for the best performance on your LinkedIn campaign (including audience sizes, bid suggestions and ad copy).

Simple pricing based on monthly LinkedIn spend

Whether you’re freelancing or working at an agency, we have a plan to suit your needs.

1 account
$10k spend / mo
Live Chat Support
24hr Refresh Cycle
3 accounts
$20k spend / mo
Priority Support
12hr Refresh Cycle
Unlimited accounts
Unlimited spend / mo
Account Manager
6hr Refresh Cycle