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LinkedIn Single Image Ads
BySophie Gosman
LinkedIn Single Image Ads

Getting the most out of the OG ad type

Are you currently running LinkedIn single image ads for your organisation? Or just getting started with this ad type? These ads may be the most simple and easy to set up, but in order to get the max value out of them – you need to do more than the bare minimum. In this article, we run through our secret sauce to single image ads that will send you rocketing up to success.

What is a LinkedIn single image ad? 

A single image ad on Linkedin is what you might call the standard or classic ad format. As the name suggests, a single image ad consists of a singular image and set of ad copy [headline + intro text].  While it may be the most basic and easiest to set up ad format on offer, it can also be the most effective for many businesses. Which is why it’s so commonly used. Like many LinkedIn ad types, a single image ad will appear directly in the newsfeed of your target audience.

Single image ad specs 

  • File types: JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Max file size: 5MB
  • Image ratio:
    • Horizontal/landscape: 1.91:1 
      • Minimum: 640 x 360 pixels
      • Maximum: 7680 x 4320 pixels
    • Square: 1:1 
      • Minimum: 360 x 360 pixels
      • Maximum: 4320 x 4320 pixels
    • Vertical: 1:1.91 
      • Minimum: 360 x 640 pixels
      • Maximum: 2340 x 4320 pixels

How to use LinkedIn single image ads 

Within the LinkedIn platform, single image ads can be used alongside all objectives, any at any stage of the funnel. This includes everything from brand awareness to website conversions, to website visits and job applications. And they can work very well for all. However, in our experience, we’ve seen single image ads work most effectively with the lead generation objective. And particularly when used to promote long-form, mid-funnel content. Whether it be an eBook, whitepaper or gated webinar you’re seeking to promote – this ad format is your ideal partner.

LinkedIn single image ad best practices 

Now we’ve looked at how to use single image ads – let’s look at some LinkedIn best practices for them. The formula of a successful single image ad is simple: a captivating image, an obvious, simple CTA related to your offer and a succinct, catchy headline. If you can throw in a direct appeal to your target persona and one of their pain points, that’s the cherry on the top. Something else we’ve seen that you should consider is that using real people tends to result in better results than stock images or animation. The examples included below give you an idea of what works.

LinkedIn single image ad examples

So you know what single image ads are, how to leverage them for the best results and what best practices for implementation are. BUT you’re probably itching to see what high performers actually look like. Good thing we’ve pulled together some of the most effective LinkedIn ad examples we’ve seen out in the wild to keep you on top of your game all year round.

  1. Digital Rhinos 
  1. Design Pickle
  1. Canva

  1. Hubspot

  1. Wix

Make strides with your LinkedIn single image ads today

You now have all the tips, inspo and insights you need to create effective single image ads and make waves with them. To get similar stellar results from other ad formats, head to our article about all the LinkedIn ad types. Want to get a constant stream of tips and insights into all the ads you run across your account? Learn more about our LinkedIn Ads optimisation tool, Campainless.

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