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Generating a Buzz with Linkedin Event Ads
BySophie Gosman
Generating a Buzz with Linkedin Event Ads

Running an industry conference? A topical webinar viewing? Or perhaps a networking event? You probably want to drive as much buzz and traction around your event as possible. Particularly as your boss is likely going to be watching your RSVPs roll in with a magnifying glass.

One method you might not have considered for getting more people through the door is LinkedIn event ads. The cost per click for this ad format is relatively low and you’ll be able to get in front of exactly the kind of people you want to show up (whether on a zoom link or in person).

So why not give this ad type a test drive? In this article, we give you the info you need to empower you to give it a go.

What are LinkedIn event ads?

LinkedIn event ads are a format of LinkedIn ads specifically designed to promote events. They show up on the newsfeed like other ads but are optimised to highlight your event details – time, place, title and drive registrations.

When it comes to set up – you can create new event ads in Campaign Manager or sponsor existing posts on your company page with event URLs. There are multiple pathways to entry.

Why should you care?

LinkedIn event ads are essential to have in your advertising toolkit if you run any type of professional event, no matter the intention, industry or topic.

If you ask us, they’re the single best way to build up buzz and traction around your event but also maximise attendance numbers.

According to LinkedIn, “40% of Beta customers saw their cost per registration decrease when using the Event Ad vs similar Sponsored Content Single Image event campaigns.”

It’s really as simple as that – if you have an event, you want to get it in front of the target audience in the right format with the right messaging and imagery and see the most traction. LinkedIn event ads are one of the best ways to do this effectively.

Live events

So you’re going for it and setting up an event ad. But what type of event should you try out? While all event types are a match for event ads, one format of event that is particularly effective to promote with this ad type is the LIVE event.

Now, you might be intimidated. Or find the prospect of running your event in realtime slightly scary. We don’t blame you. But the live experience with LinkedIn is so safe, seamless and easy to manoeuvre even an event amateur can be sure their event will see success.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should leverage LinkedIn’s live event functionality:

  • Seamless real-time streaming
  • Secure, trusted environment
  • Optimal attendee experience
  • Access to engagement analytics pre, during and post-event
  • Solid support

Jump on the event ad bandwagon

If it’s not clear already, it’s time to jump on the LinkedIn event ad bandwagon if you haven’t already. Events are a key component of the marketing strategy for many successful businesses and the methods used to promote them are often just as important as the event itself. So get out there, plan a stunning event and test out setting up your first event ad campaign to promote it.

Need a helping hand in event promotion?

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