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We Found the Best LinkedIn Ads: Here are 10 Examples to Copy
BySophie Gosman
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We Found the Best LinkedIn Ads: Here are 10 Examples to Copy

Inspiration from LinkedIn Ads examples to level up your results

B2B marketers are always looking for new ways to attract more leads. We’ve pulled together a bunch of cutting-edge, creativity-inducing LinkedIn ad examples to inspire your next best ad campaign.

Let’s get into it…

1. Salesforce

We kick off with Salesforce, the CRM behemoth. The ad directly calls out and appeals to their intended audience (financial services leaders). This is enforced in both the ad copy and banner. Plus, they’ve designed an offer to entice financial professionals who want to stay current with their industry.

Insider marketing tactic: Salesforce’s uses sophisticated targeting on LinkedIn, focusing ads on a precise segment of professionals in financial services. Additionally, Salesforce often uses testimonials and case studies in their ad content, to enhance credibility and trust among potential customers.

2. Drip

Simple, sleek and strong. Drip’s approach to brand recognition in a content lead gen ad is top-notch. First of all, the pop of fuschia immediately draws the eye to the salient image (a picture and job title of the asset). This is a very clever technique to put the eye catching focus solely on the offer. Plus, the offer itself is clearly articulated in 3 places – on the banner, in single image ads in the headline and in the intro text. Drip leaves no room here for confusion or misunderstanding.

Insider marketing tactic: Drip uses a seamless user journey from ad to landing page, ensuring that the branding and message LinkedIn ad are consistent throughout. Their ads are visually appealing and optimized for conversions with clear calls-to-action. Drip’s use of A/B testing to refine ad copy and design further boosts their campaign effectiveness.

3. Aircall

3 key benefits, a clear USP and a compelling freemium offer. Add in a full ad image, sleek design, brand colours, recognisable logos to represent the many available integrations and a product screenshot that displays the easy-to-use UI. There’s truly nothing to fault in this LinkedIn ad example. Impeccable.

Insider marketing tactic: Aircall sometimes integrates real-time performance data into their campaign strategy, allowing them to adapt quickly to what works best. Their ads prominently feature social proof with their customer stories and logos. This raises their reputation as thought leader and a trusted solution among businesses.

4. Digital Rhinos

While orange is not everyone’s cup of tea, Digital Rhinos’ approach to a serious lead generation gen ad is worth calling out. The clear appeal to the target audience, simplistic ad,, the use of a compelling statistic and a common pain point for potential customers are all first-rate, lead generation gen moves. Plus, using the face of the business as a trust-builder is a tactic that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Insider marketing tactic: Digital Rhinos is a LinkedIn advertising agency that uses storytelling techniques in their ads to resonate with their target audience. This strategy helps in painting a relatable picture of the problems they solve, making their solutions more tangible and desirable. They also focus on retargeting campaigns to nurture leads who have shown interest.

5. Outbrain 

As advertisers themselves, the Outbrain team knows how to create an effective LinkedIn ad. In this example, they do an excellent job of building awareness of and enthusiasm in their new feature (Strategic Affiliate Marketing Hub). Again, the success lies in consistency between the message, the visual and the offer.


Insider marketing tactic: Outbrain uses data-driven insights to craft ad content that resonates with their audience, focusing heavily on performance metrics to tailor their ad messaging. It’s a great way to jump on a pop culture trend and get attention. They also experiment with different ad formats to find the best way to present their new features, which helps in keeping ad format for their ad campaigns both fresh and engaging.

6. Slack

LinkedIn is the land of eBook promotion and standing out from the crowd can be difficult. Slack shows exactly how to do it well. First of all, studies show LinkedIn users love stats, and this one is potent enough to stop a scrolling cycle. Secondly, the line between problem and solution is clearly drawn on landing page, as is the next step for viewers – download the eBook and start resolving issues faster. Neat.

Insider marketing tactic: Slack often uses dynamic content in their ads, ad type of text ads and ad types, which changes based on the viewer’s past interactions with the brand. This personalized approach makes each ad feel more relevant and targeted, significantly increasing the likelihood of engagement. They also leverage LinkedIn’s lead gen forms to simplify the eBook download process, enhancing user experience and conversion rates.


Starting with a question is always a great way to draw in and engage your key personas on LinkedIn. Especially when it’s about something that really concerns them. ADVANCE.AI does excellent work attaching a desire (to increase ad revenue), with an asset they are choosing to promote (a FinTech Report) and a positive outcome (the platform’s ability to work smarter and faster). Exceptional marketing.

Insider marketing tactic: ADVANCE.AI capitalizes on timely and relevant topics in their ads, such as changes in regulations or technological advancements, to hook their target audience. They combine this with a strong value proposition and clear differentiation from competitors, ensuring that their message stands out in a crowded marketplace performing ads.

8. Piktochart

Piktochart’s carousel ad is one of the most excellent LinkedIn ad examples. What makes it so great? The visual component of this great ad, stands out immediately. Not only are the images and the way they are assembled together, eye-catching and attention-grabbing but they are real examples of what the right audience, could create with the product itself. While the design does most of the heavy-lifting, when backed up by the emphasis on the beauty and variety of templates on offer in the ad and creative copy throughout, Piktochart do a great job at reeling the right people in.

Insider marketing tactic: Piktochart’s use of customer-generated content within their carousel ads acts as a powerful form of endorsement, showcasing real user experiences, valuable insights and outcomes. This approach not only demonstrates the functionality of their product but also builds a community around their brand, encouraging more engagement.

9. Marketo

Marketo (now owned by Adobe) is a familiar player in the world of B2B marketing automation. the ad highlights In this ad, they clearly articulate the full value proposition of the guide on offer to the target persona. the ad takes The title of video ad for the asset is also straight to the point and free of fluff. All ingredients of a successful LinkedIn ad.

Insider marketing tactic: Marketo integrates interactive elements into their video ads, such as clickable calls-to-action at key points linkedin ad campaigns, which drives higher interaction rates. They also use LinkedIn insights to continuously refine their audience segments, ensuring that their messages are being seen by the most relevant professionals.

10. Google 

It’s perhaps no surprise that advertising giants, Google, have created some of the best LinkedIn ads on the market. This one utilises the story of a small business and their struggle of COVID-19, connects it to Google Business Profiles and spotlights a friendly, human face to tie it all together. The effect? An appeal to the current cultural mood to draw attention to a news article that reflects positively on the brand. 

Insider marketing tactic: Google’s strategy involves highlighting their community impact linkedin ads, which helps in building a positive brand image. They also use cross-channel promotions, ensuring that their LinkedIn ads are part of a larger, cohesive marketing effort that includes other social media platforms, enhancing the ad promotes overall reach and effectiveness.

After running through 10 of the best LinkedIn ad examples out there, from a variety of different businesses across the globe, you should be equipped with the inspiration you need to craft one of your own. 

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